Osteria Le Tre Sorelle

From three Generations

Positano has always boasted of landscape and climate beauties, but above all its inhabitants have always stood out for their hospitality. In the early 1950s, travelers from all over the world began to crowd our town and the first tourist activities were born. It is at that time that the adventure of the Restaurant Le Tre Sorelle in Positano begins, a true institution of the place. In 1953 the sisters Giovannina, Adelina and Nannina, animated by a strong sense of hospitality and welcome as well as a great passion for good food, founded the tavern "Le Tre Sorelle". In those years the sisters offered the pizza they cooked in a wood oven and some wine. Subsequently, in 1956, they set up the first coal kitchen and began to expand their gastronomic offer. The dishes were traditional and simple and varied according to the availability of the raw materials, always fresh and genuine.

Sixties and Seventies

The sisters continued together until 1956, the year in which Giovannina remained alone at the helm of the tavern which continued to improve thanks to her commitment and with the help of her son Michele. In addition to the high popularity of guests who returned more and more often, the first official awards arrived. In 1969 the “Le Tre Sorelle” tavern received the “Excellence for hospitality” award and in 1971 Giovannina was awarded for its dedication to work and for making Positano a tourist resort of international renown. In the seventies also Teresa, Michele's wife, contributed significantly to the success of the tavern that was destroyed by fire in the summer of 1972. With great sacrifice of the whole family the restaurant was rebuilt and reopened a short time later, becoming a meeting point for lovers of good local cuisine, but also for an increasingly international clientele.

From Seventies...to today

Today the Restaurant Le Tre Sorelle of Positano is curated by the nephews of Giovannina, Luigi and Giovanna. The search for the best raw materials and the simplicity of grandma's original recipes are the cornerstones of a tradition that has lasted for over 60 years. Furthermore, the cellar has been greatly enriched and enhanced, in particular thanks to the professionalism of Luigi, a sommelier who selects wines with great passion. Le Tre Sorelle is not only a combination of good food, wines and hospitality, but above all a family tradition that has reached the third generation.